Mayday! Mayday!

When a ship or a plane is in trouble, they always say, “Mayday, Mayday!”. I think that month is selfish. We already celebrate May Day. The other months should get a chance too. Why should we continue to hurt their feelings? To add insult to injury, we mock April by calling it’s first day ‘April … More Mayday! Mayday!

Ugh! Again Already???

Never give Valentine’s cards unless you’re REALLY in love with the person. Every card is like “You’re my soul mate, I couldn’t live without you, I can’t imagine life without you, etc.” There should be cards that say, “Even though you’re not the one, things are OK.” When I was dating, I used to break … More Ugh! Again Already???

I Got An F????

February 15th is the day of assessment. Ladies will compare notes to see how you measured up. Good luck, fellas. If the preparation for the twister called Valentines Day wasn’t bad enough, the real damage assessment will take place today. This is what happens as the carnage of the tornado is assessed after Valentines Day. … More I Got An F????

Valentine’s Day. The Worst Day of the year for Men!!!

You should able to get Valentines cards that say “You’re ok. You’ll do until the right one comes along.”     Let me say right off of the bat that I love my wife and would do anything legal for her.     Thanksgiving has passed. Christmas is over. The Super Bowl will be over in a … More Valentine’s Day. The Worst Day of the year for Men!!!