Hit The Deck!!!

When I was 18, I was hired along with two other guys to remove scrap metal from old buildings. We found three live hand grenades. We decided to take them to the boss in a box. I said, “What if one blows up on the way?” Another guy said, “We’ll just tell them that we … More Hit The Deck!!!

I’m So Confused!!!

The people (obviously not everyone) vote in a President who was a reality tv host known mostly for his famous two words; "You're fired!" and we can't understand why he's firing people? Who knows what possesses people to do crazy things? Why did D.B. Cooper jump out of a plane with millions of stolen dollars? … More I’m So Confused!!!

I’m Crazy!!!

In Hampton, Florida, revenue collected from unsuspecting motorists over the years was used to purchased cigarettes, beer, and even combat gear for city officials. Also, the mayor’s arrest for allegedly attempting to sell an oxycodone pill to an undercover officer. The town has a population of only 500, so how could the mayor not know … More I’m Crazy!!!

I Can’t Breathe!!

I’m not saying the air is polluted here, but last week I saw birds wearing gas masks. I live near Salt Lake City. Its beautiful here. The mountains are majestic, the ski slopes rival any in the country, maybe even in the world. The people are friendly, the crime rate is low and the economy … More I Can’t Breathe!!

Nobody Move!

I have moved so many times, I tell people I’m in the witness protection program. According to Ask.com, the average family moves every 5 to 7 years. At least I’m above average in something. In fact, I’ve shattered that average. Just in this 18 year marriage, we’ve moved 11 times. It’s like we’re in hiding. … More Nobody Move!