I’m Upside Down!!!

I sent a package last Christmas season. The clerk said it will be $42.50 for the fastest delivery and $31.56 for the slower delivery. I sarcastically said, ” As long as it gets there in my lifetime.” He said, “That’ll be $42.50.” Its very hard to understand the rules for postal rates. The clerks seem … More I’m Upside Down!!!

Happy Boxing Day!!

Before I knew what Boxing Day was about I used to pick fights with my neighbors the day after Christmas.     Boxing Day? What the heck is that? Since it is the day after Christmas does it commemorate the day we get rid of all of the empty gift boxes? Why celebrate that?    Boxing … More Happy Boxing Day!!

Biscuit Heaven

Two English biscuits were at the Pearly Gates, but Saint Peter said there was only room for one of them. He let them plead their case. The first one said, “Well, I was created to please others.” The second one whispers in Peter’sI ear, “Um, I don’t mean to be rude, but that other one is a cracker.” … More Biscuit Heaven