Get A Clue!!!

We played the Christmas version of ‘Clue’ this year. My Mother-in-law killed the Christmas dinner, in the kitchen, with the oven. Just kidding. She didn’t even touch the holiday dinner. We’ve learned that the hard way. One year, she took the turkey out of the oven and I swear it cried out for help. This … More Get A Clue!!!

A Six Legged What???

A friend of mine is a poultry farmer and was always trying to breed turkeys with six legs for greater profits. Finally, he did it! I asked, “What about the flavor?” He said, I have no idea. I can’t catch him.” My daughter, Cecilee is a vegan. I’m really beginning to understand why. They inject … More A Six Legged What???

I Stink!!

I don’t care who you are, no one looks cool putting on deodorant. Since we don’t want to get the nasty white deodorant lines on our shirts and blouses, we put the deodorant on after the clothing. There is just no technique known to mankind that can make you look cool during application. I think … More I Stink!!

She Said What???

Two women who had just met at a gy were talking about how they hope to stay healthy. One woman asked the other to detail her daily routine. She said, “I eat very healthy, I exercise moderately and I drink moderately.” The other woman asked, “Is there anything else you do?” “Yes,” she said, “I … More She Said What???


This day is the grocery store version of Black Friday. It gets crazy. Sometimes my wife and I get separated, but I never go look for her. I look for a beautiful woman to you talk to for a couple of minutes because every time I do, my wife appears out of nowhere. … More Thanksgiving!!