It’s Half Full!! Wait! Half Empty!! Oh, I Don’t Know!!!

I was feeling philosophical once and I took a glass out of the liquor cabinet and filled it half full of scotch. I asked my parents if it was half full or half empty. My Dad said, it depends on whether you’re drinking or pouring. He downed the scotch and left the room. Well played, … More It’s Half Full!! Wait! Half Empty!! Oh, I Don’t Know!!!

Rubber chicken!

It was dinner time on an Air France flight from Los Angeles to Paris. The flight attendant moved down the aisle, she asked one of the passengers: “Would you like dinner?” “What are my choices?” “Yes or No,” The attendant said. … More Rubber chicken!

A Rude Talking Bird!

I take a walk everyday and along the way, I pass a pet store. They have a parrot there, and I love birds so I stopped in to see it. It said, “Dude, you’re ugly!” I laughed and left. The bird did the exact same thing the next couple of days, so I complained to the owner, who assured me it would never happen again. The next day, the bird said, “Dude!” I said, “What?” He said, “You know.” … More A Rude Talking Bird!