I am the best!!!

I always strive to be the best at whatever I do. It doesn’t always work, in fact I’ve only been able to accomplish perfection In one thing. I do a perfect impression of myself. I mean it is spot on! I love doing impressions in my act. I did quite a few, such as Forrest … More I am the best!!!

World Class?? No!!

When I used to sell ladies shoes, two really nice elderly women came in. I started to get an idea of what the buyer wanted when they began talking. Forever. Finally, I said, “Will you old bitties buy something? I have work to do”. I couldn’t believe I said that. The ladies stopped talking and … More World Class?? No!!

Joanie Loves Chachi Who Loves Trump??

Scott Baio, of Happy Days and Charles in Charge, tonight became the latest celebrity to endorse a presidential candidate––and that candidate is Donald Trump.    After talking about how he campaigned for Ronald Reagan, Baio revealed his endorsement to Jeanine Pirro. He explained that he’s a conservative independent tired of the GOP who just wants … More Joanie Loves Chachi Who Loves Trump??