It’s not a holiday???

I still can’t believe that Super Bowl Sunday is still not declared a national holiday. It’s the Super Bowl. It’s the only day named as super. Super Christmas? Nope. Super Christopher Columbus Day? Nope. We could actually have the holiday on Monday which makes sense because people are either hung over or exhausted. Plus, all … More It’s not a holiday???

What Did You Say?????

I’m happy to see so many people exercising their first amendment rights on social media. Oh, as long as I agree with them. Thankfully, the hateful arguing has slowed way down. I came very close to bowing out of all of it. Too stressful for someone who tries to avoid stress because it triggers seizures. … More What Did You Say?????

What Happened????

Real falcons were so embarrassed yesterday, most of them are wearing something over their head today. What was the pep talk in the Falcon locker room? “OK guys. We’ve got this one. No one has ever come back from this size of a lead so just go out, have fun and let Brady do hisThing”. … More What Happened????

Patriot Down!!!

I watched so much football last week, I ruined my end zone.     I was thrilled to see the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots Sunday night. Most of my friends were too. It made me think about why. After all, they  are a great team with a hall of fame quarterback and head … More Patriot Down!!!