You Make Me Crazy!!!

I saw my therapist a few days ago. She scolded me for missing my last two appointments because my condition is serious. I said, “I know, but I was just doing what you told me.” She said, “I haven’t told you to skip appointments!” I said,”No, but you told me to avoid people who irritate … More You Make Me Crazy!!!

Down For The Count!!

I get so down sometimes, my psychiatrist makes me prepay.  There’s nothing funny about depression. It is about as crippling as anything you might feel. Millions struggle with it. Even with medication, it’s still a struggle. Sometimes there’s a trigger, other times not. It just hits you like a shot to the face from Mike … More Down For The Count!!

Nobody Loves Me!!

During a meeting, a co-worker had a complete melt down. She was crying and said, “Everybody hates me”! Before any of us could console her, my boss said, “That’s not true. Some people don’t know you”. Most people I know have the same fear as she did. The fact is that she was one of … More Nobody Loves Me!!

I Have What??

A doctor ran some tests on a guy who wasn’t feeling well. The doctor told the guy, “Wow, I’ve never seen a case like this”. The patient asked, “What do I have”? The doc said,” Believe it or not, you have every disease I’ve ever heard of “. The guy said,” Well what can you do”? He said, “We’re going to admit you.” “Then what”, asked the man. “We’ll feed you nothing but pizza”. “Really? Pizza will cure me”? “No” said the doctor, “but it’s the only thing that will fit under the door”. … More I Have What??