She Said What???

Two women who had just met at a gy were talking about how they hope to stay healthy. One woman asked the other to detail her daily routine. She said, “I eat very healthy, I exercise moderately and I drink moderately.” The other woman asked, “Is there anything else you do?” “Yes,” she said, “I … More She Said What???

Wait! Don’t Shoot!!

Last month, I found a wounded duck in my yard. I didn’t know what to do, so I called the Audubon Society for advice. The representative said, “All you can do is try to nurse it back to health”, so I did that and the duck is doing fine now but my nipples are killing me! … More Wait! Don’t Shoot!!


This day is the grocery store version of Black Friday. It gets crazy. Sometimes my wife and I get separated, but I never go look for her. I look for a beautiful woman to you talk to for a couple of minutes because every time I do, my wife appears out of nowhere. … More Thanksgiving!!