Zip it!!!

I’ve never been on a zip line, but if I do I want to go at night wearing night vision goggles and a special forces uniform with a gun. Oh, and I might never come back. I’ve often thought about living in the woods and living off the land. It would probably be very lonely, … More Zip it!!!

TV Blows!!!

I really wish that there were some tv shows that were like, oh I don’t know, maybe one about a police department, maybe something about politics or hospitals. That would be cool.   I’m blown away by the number of shows that are all about the above topics. And for the most part, they’re wildly … More TV Blows!!!

Survive This!!!

I love the game, “Survivor”. They start out with 20 contestants who are systematically knocked out of the game until there are only three left. The winner is the one who lies and backstabs the most people. You know, like politics. Smear campaigns are the norm today. It’s not about what the candidates will do … More Survive This!!!