Hey!! Watch Out!!!

I saw a sign that read ‘Signal ahead”. I told Heather to stop the car about 10’ ahead and began frantically waving down cars. I fired a flare gun. The fire department came and quickly doused the fire started from the gun. I even got a citation! Sweet! I don’t think we can take chances … More Hey!! Watch Out!!!

Ridiculous Signs!!

The sign said “WET PAINT” So I emptied my bladder on it. I’m currently awaiting further instructions further instructions. What if we followed instructions to the letter? How would it change our lives? In the first scenario, we would be arrested and suddenly have a record. At least it’s not a felony. This blog is … More Ridiculous Signs!!

So Stupid!!

Yesterday, I saw a sign in a car window that said “For Sale By Owner”. I thought, “Who else?”People, including me, do some pretty stupid things sometimes. In California, I saw a huge sign on top of a restaurant that read “Family Dinning”. Someone paid a lot of money for that sign. A friend of … More So Stupid!!