You Can’t See Me!!

When I was in the Air Force, my Sargent was chewing me out for several things. The last tongue lashing went like this: “And I didn’t see you in camouflage gear during physical training this morning!” I said, “Thank you, sir!” I completely understand the use of camouflage clothing for military personnel and hunters. But … More You Can’t See Me!!

Labor Pains!!

A woman was in labor. The doctor said, “I have an invention that takes 100% of the labor pains away from the mother and gives it to the father.” They decided to do it. The doctor warned them, “This much could kill you if your not prepared,” and the husband replied “I’m ready.” At 100%, the husband didn’t fell a thing. When they got home his best friend was dead on the front porch. … More Labor Pains!!