I Want a Divorce!!

An expectant mother and her husband were at a birthing class. The instructor told the couples how important exercise is for pregnant women. She also said that the men could benefit by walking with her. A man asked the instructor, “Is it OK if she carries my golf clubs while we walk?” We all know … More I Want a Divorce!!

5K Disaster!!!

Heather came home from work and wanted to know what I thought about signing up for a 401K. I went nuts! I said, “Are you kidding me? The most you can run now is a half marathon”!    I thought I would start running. It seemed like it would be a lot of fun. The … More 5K Disaster!!!

Is This Your Dog???

A man drove past house and noticed a sign in a front yard that read, “Talking dog – Free!!” He immediately asked the owner if the dog was still available. “Yep”, said the man. The motorist had a conversation with the dog and said, “I’ll take him, but I have to ask why you’re letting him go”. The man said, “Simple. I got a divorce because my wife just wouldn’t shut up. He’s worse”. … More Is This Your Dog???