I’m Still Here!!!

An elderly couple were out for a Sunday drive. The woman said, “Look at us. We used to sit right next to each other all of the time. Now you’re way over there and I’m way over here. What happened?” The man said, “I don’t know, I didn’t move.” I haven’t thought about that joke … More I’m Still Here!!!

Kids Are Brilliant!!!

My daughter and her husband are having difficulty keeping their boys from running into the parking lot. So they put up a gate. Steve was working on the outside of the gate and dropped a screw. “Don’t worry, Daddy”, Isaac said, “I’ll get it for you”. He crawled under the gate and got the screw.  … More Kids Are Brilliant!!!

Run For Your Life!!

Heather, my wife is a runner, so I finally tried it. I ran on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ve always heard about a state of euphoria a runner reaches at some point. Heather asked me if I had hit that state yet. I said, “Absolutely. Every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.” I think a … More Run For Your Life!!

I’m Too Lazy!!

I finally realized that I needed to get in shape, so I made plans to join a gym and work out for one full year. The year I picked is 2036. I’ll be 90 years old by that time and it’s much more impressive to see a 90 year old at the gym than someone … More I’m Too Lazy!!

I’m on Fire!!!

It’s so hot, Siri just told me to put my phone in the fridge. It’s so hot, the hottest woman in America lives in a shack in Phoenix. 42 years ago today was my first day of active duty in the Air Force. Talk about culture shock! I went from the wonderful temperature in Eureka, … More I’m on Fire!!!