I Love Improv!!!!

I’m a huge fan of sketch comedy and improv. The only thing I don’t like, is when a bunch of people get on stage and make stuff up. They play these games that are really funny. That are hilarious! Like the TV show, ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’ I absolutely loved that show as did … More I Love Improv!!!!

Great Friends!!

1989: Me: Hey, are you coming to my wedding? Keith Stubbs: Nah, I’ll catch the next one.    Good friends are so difficult to find. Everyone knows that, but there are some people who become life long friends, and we may not even know why.    There are certain aspects of a friendship which tells … More Great Friends!!


I used to panic if I lost an important email. Now, if I lose one, I’ll just contact NSA and have them forward their copy. … More NSA