Don’t Judge Me!!!!

I try really hard to practice tolerance. To keep an open mind and not judge anyone. Except for Patriot and Dodger fans. Ya’ll are just sick in the head and I’m obligated to despise you. I think it’s not possible to eliminate judging others, no matter how hard we might try. As I see it, … More Don’t Judge Me!!!!

I’m A Spy!!!

OK, let’s get this over with already. Oy. I talked to the Russian Ambassador and wiretapped the President’s phones. I also released the secret documents. Now can we get back to working on our country? By far, this has been the most bizarre election and transition in my lifetime. I know I’m young, according  to … More I’m A Spy!!!

Electoral College

I wish I’d studied harder in high school.I really wanted to go to the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a good idea, in theory, and is included in the constitution in the 12th Amendment… ” they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted … More Electoral College