I Got You Good!!!

Last year on April Fools Day, I told a police officer that I had committed the murder they couldn’t solve. Before I could say “April Fools!”, I was on the ground, cuffed and whisked off for 8 grueling hours of interrogation. They were not happy about my prank. I need to think these things through. … More I Got You Good!!!

Take Me Back!!!

I thought about writing a joke about time travel but only three of you liked it. I wish time travel was real. I don’t think I would want to see what’s in store in the coming years, but I would definitely love to relive many moments in my past. Most of them would involve successful … More Take Me Back!!!

My Dog Ate it!!

When I was a kid, I loved messing with my teachers’ heads. A teacher once asked me why I didn’t turn in my homework. I told her that my dog ate it. She said, “You expect me to believe that?” I said, “Its true! I had to smear some dog food on it, but he … More My Dog Ate it!!