Kids Are Brilliant!!!

My daughter and her husband are having difficulty keeping their boys from running into the parking lot. So they put up a gate. Steve was working on the outside of the gate and dropped a screw. “Don’t worry, Daddy”, Isaac said, “I’ll get it for you”. He crawled under the gate and got the screw.  … More Kids Are Brilliant!!!

I Can’t Decide!!!

An optimist invented the airplane. A pessimist invented the parachute. I am an optimist. Most of the time I keep a positive outlook about everything. My wife, however, is a pessimist. She has a tendency to look at the downside. I think that balance is good. Imagine if both were optimists. It would be as … More I Can’t Decide!!!


I used to panic if I lost an important email. Now, if I lose one, I’ll just contact NSA and have them forward their copy. … More NSA