I’m So Shocked!!!

I am so lost and disillusioned. Turns out that the Kardashians are really not what we saw on TV! I know! I’m still bitter from discovering that TV wrestling is fake. What’s next, Roller Derby is fake too? There are so many things that have hit me hard in my life and the ones in … More I’m So Shocked!!!

I’m So Sorry!!!

I feel so sorry for elephants. So many other species are very colorful but the poor elephants are just a dull grey. Plus they’re not allowed to stay at most Ritz Carlton Hotels. Sad.  I know this is true because I’ve never seen one there. This science is not conclusive because I’ve only stayed at … More I’m So Sorry!!!

I Can Fly!!!

Flying in an airplane is just like driving a car, except a car can’t go 600 miles per hour, you don’t get peanuts and you can’t fall asleep because there’s no co-pilot. Southwest Airlines is the best airline to fly. No baggage fees, no charges for changing flights, plus you get peanuts. No $6 snack … More I Can Fly!!!