Spike This!!

A guy left the front door open so a repairman could get in while he was out. His instructions: The bulldog is really easy going unless provoked. BUT DON’T TALK TO THE BIRD!! The dog was fine, but the bird kept talking. He finally said, “Shut up”! The bird said, “Get him, Spike”! I’ve watched … More Spike This!!

Stop Bugging Me!!!

A preacher noticed a little boy trying to ring a doorbell but it was just out of his reach. He walked over to help the boy. After he pressed the doorbell, he asked, “Now what?” The boy turned and shouted, “NOW WE RUN!!” Ah, the things we do as kids. The two brothers closest to … More Stop Bugging Me!!!

What Did You Say???

When I was 11, I asked my Pastor if he believed in fate. He said,”Son, it is what brings great nations together and makes the world a smaller place. It inspires people to work endless hours. It will some day enable man to span the universe and light years of travel will become mere seconds … More What Did You Say???

The Town Hooker

A church bulletin: Weight Watchers meeting at 7 PM. Please use large double door at the side entrance. People obviously make mistakes, but none as scrutinized as those printed in a church bulletin. Secretaries proof read the bulletins, but it’s not a fool proof system. The spoken word can get just as messy. One day, … More The Town Hooker