What A Loser!!!!

I am at my very best when I have no competition I know that people say winning and losing any kind of a situation builds character, but I think it’s better if you win every single time. Who wants to lose? I’ll tell you who, losers like to lose every once in a while. I … More What A Loser!!!!

They’re Killing Me!

When I was in Air Force boot camp, we were outside doing physical training. We were told to get in formation and remain still and silent. I couldn’t help myself. I started squirming like I was dancing (not a pretty sight). I heard “Mabbott, what is wrong with you?” “I’m covered with fire ants, sir!” … More They’re Killing Me!

Canada, the Deceiver!

I used to travel to Canada a great deal. Each time I entered the country, the customs agent would always ask me what the purpose of my visit was. I always said, I’m making a sales call. It always worked until I got the same agent three times. The guy said, “You make a lot of sales calls here!” I said, “I’m not very good.” The guy had no sense of humor. I was interrogated for 45 minutes. … More Canada, the Deceiver!