When I was in elementary school, my teacher asked me “Jerry, if you have five dollars and you ask your Dad for five more, how many would you have?” I said “Five.” She said, “You don’t know addition very well.” I said, “You don’t know my Dad very well.” Parents need to be frugal for … More

It’s Horrible!!!

I feel so sorry for trust fund kids. They have to wait until they're 25 to get their millions. They get very upset because in the meantime they're forced to scrape by with thousands of dollars per month. They completely miss out on the experience of having a job. I've known some trust fund kids … More It’s Horrible!!!

I Have No Money!!!

A foreigner who couldn’t read English approached me at the ATM I was using and asked me to help him check his balance so I pushed him over. I love ATMs. You put a card in, punch some numbers in and cash comes pouring out! How cool is that? It doesn’t matter that the money … More I Have No Money!!!