When I was in elementary school, my teacher asked me “Jerry, if you have five dollars and you ask your Dad for five more, how many would you have?” I said “Five.” She said, “You don’t know addition very well.” I said, “You don’t know my Dad very well.” Parents need to be frugal for … More

I Have What????

What do you give to the man who has everything? Simple. Penicillin. Its kind of like the joke where a man goes to the doctor, not feeling well. After tests the doctor told the man that he had so many illnesses that he needed to be quarantined and fed a steady diet of pizza. “You … More I Have What????

I Can’t Read!!!

My nephew had to give a speech at his graduation. He read from his notes. “My mother has been a wonderful influence for me. She is a shining example…” He paused and said, “Sorry, but it’s really hard to read her handwriting.” Oops! His Mom just shrunk in her chair. She hadn’t written it, of … More I Can’t Read!!!