Only Decaf???

Recently. All the coffee I’ve had is decaf. What’s the point? Coffee is supposed to wake you up. Decaf forces you to pretend. To trick your mind. I don’t need to trick my mind. It gets upset when I do it. My mind is still upset about the whole Santa Claus thing. It’s really ticked … More Only Decaf???

No, Not The Ribs!!!

I think I might have found the pain that women feel during childbirth. Last night I had a charly horse in my right ribcage. The pain was crazy and I couldn’t breathe. It finally subsided and then it hit my left ribcage. Back and forth for a long time. Ok, I know it couldn’t have … More No, Not The Ribs!!!

Skunked Again!!!

My wife bought me a beautiful Miami Dolphins coat for Christmas. It’s even reversible. Too bad the season isn’t. When I wear the coat I also wear a paper bag over my head. At least sports seems to become less important as I grow older. It used to crush me if one of my favorites … More Skunked Again!!!

Yikes!! Our Anniversary Was Yesterday and I forgot!!

Anniversaries are a lot like bungi jumping. If you forget something critical, you die. A woman’s memory is amazing. She can recall the first day you met, dated, kissed got engaged, got married and everything you’ve done wrong since the wedding. Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of our first date. How do I know? I … More Yikes!! Our Anniversary Was Yesterday and I forgot!!