McDonald’s Daddy!!

I potty trained my kids to go in the neighbor’s house. When my kids were little and my cooking skills consisted of opening a wrapper, we dined at Mickey-D’s a lot. Quick, easy, inexpensive and happy kids. Who knew that we were also destroying their health? When we would arrive at McDonald’s, the kids’ job … More McDonald’s Daddy!!

She’s Stuck!!!

When my daughter was little her grandparents came over to our new house. They asked her how she liked it. She said, “I love it! I have my own room, Eric has his own room, but Mommy is still stuck with Daddy”.    The truth is that to this very day, I sleep in my … More She’s Stuck!!!

I’m So Angry!!

I ordered a “pair” of glasses and the scheisters only sent one!I called them about it but they just said, That’s a good one, laughed and hung up om me.    If I had ordered a pair of champagne flutes I’m pretty sure I would have received two.    Its the same way with scissors. … More I’m So Angry!!