I’m So Weak!!!

Every time I’m tempted to eat a cheeseburger I hear two voices. One says “Eat the cheeseburger.” The other one says “You heard him, eat the cheeseburger!” It is virtually impossible for me to resist a really good cheeseburger. Who am I kidding, it doesn’t even really have to be that good. Within a five … More I’m So Weak!!!

Coffee Bytes!!!!

I saw a cashier at a Starbucks spill coffee all over their computer. The angry manager cleaned up the coffee and was turning the computer back on. The cashier said, “Please let it work. Please let it work!” A barista walked by and said, “It should be faster than ever. That was a double shot … More Coffee Bytes!!!!

Mac Daddy!

I potty trained my kids to go in the neighbor’s house. When my kids were little and my cooking skills consisted of opening a wrapper, we dined at Mickey-D’s a lot. Quick, easy, inexpensive and happy kids. Who knew that we were also destroying their health? When we would arrive at McDonald’s, the kids’ job … More Mac Daddy!