Wow! That Hurt!!!

I always hear people say, “He threw me under the bus”. That doesn’t make sense. I’ve tested it on three different people now and it’s so much easier to push them in front of a moving bus. Plus bonus, it’s really easier on the back. People say the craziest things. In matters of love, we … More Wow! That Hurt!!!

Flying Monkeys????

Before we got married, we had dinner with Heather’s parents. She told me that her Mom is opinionated and mean. I assured her I could stand up to her. I didn’t and Heather wanted to know why. I said “It got to the point where I was more afraid of the flying monkeys looming outside … More Flying Monkeys????

18 Years???

A married couple is lying in bed on the eve of their anniversary. He says to his wife, “I’m going to make you the happiest woman in the world”! She said, “I’ll miss you”.    Heather and I will have been married for 18 years tomorrow. Really? It sure doesn’t seem like that long. At … More 18 Years???

Love Bites!!

A guy was in a cemetery kneeling over a grave. He was crying and yelling, “Why did you have to die? Why”? A woman tried to comfort him. She asked the man for whom he was grieving. The guy said, “My wife’s first husband”!   You know I make a lot of jokes about marriage. … More Love Bites!!

Great Friends!!

1989: Me: Hey, are you coming to my wedding? Keith Stubbs: Nah, I’ll catch the next one.    Good friends are so difficult to find. Everyone knows that, but there are some people who become life long friends, and we may not even know why.    There are certain aspects of a friendship which tells … More Great Friends!!