Um, What Day Is This???

I just read an email from a retailer that called today ‘Thanksgiving Tuesday’. Really? What’s next? “Don’t miss these exciting eight months, two weeks and 12 hour Thanksgiving deals!” I swear it will happen. When will the blatent non-stop greedy exploitation of holidays end? Even Veterans Day, Labor and Memorial Days trigger ‘Extended Holiday Sale!’ … More Um, What Day Is This???

We Own You!!

As a young comedian, I held a lot of day jobs. They never lasted because I would skip work to go to auditions. Once, I worked in a warehouse, where I drove a forklift off the loading dock. The boss said he’d have to withhold 10% of my pay for the repairs. I asked how much it would cost, and he said about $4,500. I thought, sweet! I’ve finally have job security! … More We Own You!!