This Is Boring!!

One day after church a pregnant woman was stopped by the Pastor. He said “I couldn’t help but notice that you were rubbing your belly”. She said, “Yeah, he was kicking me pretty hard”. The Pastor said, “Well that’s a relief”. She said, I’m not sure it’s a relief. He usually sleeps through the sermon … More This Is Boring!!

I Can’t Stand Up!!

Old comedians never die. They just can’t stand up anymore.     Yesterday, I announced my immediate retirement from stand up comedy. I’ve been doing stand up for about 30 years and I have loved it until the last couple of performances. They were really hard. The audience didn’t know it but my wife, her sister … More I Can’t Stand Up!!

Great Friends!!

1989: Me: Hey, are you coming to my wedding? Keith Stubbs: Nah, I’ll catch the next one.    Good friends are so difficult to find. Everyone knows that, but there are some people who become life long friends, and we may not even know why.    There are certain aspects of a friendship which tells … More Great Friends!!