I Secretly Hate You!!!

As a comedian, you know you’ve had a bad show when one by one, audience members stop by before leaving and say, “That was good. You were funny. Keep practicing.” Keep practicing? “Lady, I’ve been doing comedy for 30 years! You keep practicing at laughing, you idiot!” Out loud I say, “Thank you, I will.” … More I Secretly Hate You!!!

What Did You Say?????

I’m happy to see so many people exercising their first amendment rights on social media. Oh, as long as I agree with them. Thankfully, the hateful arguing has slowed way down. I came very close to bowing out of all of it. Too stressful for someone who tries to avoid stress because it triggers seizures. … More What Did You Say?????

Wrong Turn

Last night, while coming back from a Halloween party, I made a wrong turn and ended up at home. A joke, obviously. First of all, I can’t drive. Secondly, home is my safe place. Those that are ill will know what I’m talking about. I do know people, however, who make excuses for not coming … More Wrong Turn