What A Hack!!!

I’m a terrible golfer. The last time I went, a shot landed in the deep rough, in the trees. I used my seven iron to attempt to get out. Then I saw a skeleton with a seven iron by his side. I know! I was startled and immediately got my nine iron. Clearly I wouldn’t … More What A Hack!!!

I’m Waiting!!!

65 years ago today I was only 1,131 days away from being born. Where does the time go? Yeah, crazy thought. My parents never even saw it coming. In fact they were so surprised when my Mom found out she was pregnant with me, they picked out a girl’s name. I know! I forget what … More I’m Waiting!!!

Stop Bugging Me!!!

A preacher noticed a little boy trying to ring a doorbell but it was just out of his reach. He walked over to help the boy. After he pressed the doorbell, he asked, “Now what?” The boy turned and shouted, “NOW WE RUN!!” Ah, the things we do as kids. The two brothers closest to … More Stop Bugging Me!!!

Down For The Count!!

I get so down sometimes, my psychiatrist makes me prepay.  There’s nothing funny about depression. It is about as crippling as anything you might feel. Millions struggle with it. Even with medication, it’s still a struggle. Sometimes there’s a trigger, other times not. It just hits you like a shot to the face from Mike … More Down For The Count!!