Instead of bombing Syria, I think we should bomb Syrup companies who sell sugar free syrup. Clearly ISIS is behind this. I know it’s great for people with diabetes, but man, for the rest of us, full blown Aunt Jamima is the best! Some things that are fat free can be really good. Cheese slices … More

Pokemon ISIS???

I think they should make every isis member or sympathizer a Pokemon Go target. As crazy as people are over this game, they’d find them in no time. Like everyone else in the world, I’m very frustrated with the pace in which these horrible people are being reached. We’ve got John Kerry telling us that … More Pokemon ISIS???

In Mourning…

The horrific attack on the wonderful people of France leaves me without anything funny to say today. I am mourning the loss of so many at the hand of dreadfully evil human beings. Having spent a lot of time there, I was befriended by many warm, friendly people. In fact, the day after 9/11 I … More In Mourning…

Pray for Paris!!

No joke today. My sense of humor has been doused by the senseless and ruthlessness of the massacres in Paris yesterday. Cowardly terrorists have once again targeted innocent and vulnerable people to attack and kill.     Someone must be bold enough to stop isis and protect the domestic front at the same time. I like … More Pray for Paris!!