I’m Choking!!!!

Heather and I were shopping. A woman screamed, “My daughter swallowed a nickel and she’s choking!!” A man performed the Heimlich maneuver and put the nickel in his pocket. The woman said, “Thank you! You must be a doctor.” He said, “Nope. I work for the IRS.” If it seems like I’m picking on the … More I’m Choking!!!!

I Saw A Sign!!!

Yesterday I saw a sign that said “Survey crew ahead”. I did. They were doing nothing.  What a boring gig. I’m told the money is pretty good, which is great if that’s all you’re after. You’re probably yelling at the screen right now saying, “You moron, of course that’s why we work! For some, that’s … More I Saw A Sign!!!

Seriously??? Again???

I went to have some blood drawn, and the phlebotomist started asking me a bunch of questions which I had already answered several times. “Has your address changed?” “No,”. “Your phone number?” “No.” “What about your birthday?” “What???” Honestly, why do we still have to answer so many questions when we see a medical professional? … More Seriously??? Again???