Stop Ribbing Me!!!

Whenever someone says, “we had ribs last night and they were awesome. The meat fell right off the bone.” Guess what? The meat is supposed to fall off the bone. I have never yet heard someone say, “We had ribs last night and they were awesome. Except I couldn’t get any meat off the bone. … More Stop Ribbing Me!!!

What A Loser!!!!

I am at my very best when I have no competition I know that people say winning and losing any kind of a situation builds character, but I think it’s better if you win every single time. Who wants to lose? I’ll tell you who, losers like to lose every once in a while. I … More What A Loser!!!!

They’re Killing Me!

When I was in Air Force boot camp, we were outside doing physical training. We were told to get in formation and remain still and silent. I couldn’t help myself. I started squirming like I was dancing (not a pretty sight). I heard “Mabbott, what is wrong with you?” “I’m covered with fire ants, sir!” … More They’re Killing Me!

You Bug Me!!!!

Like using the word bug when you really mean bother. I don’t know why or When bother was replaced by the word bug, maybe it’s just because bugs have a tendency to bug us. There! I’ve done it again. Bugs bother me. End of story. It’s a lot like using the word funny improperly. If … More You Bug Me!!!!