I’m So Weak!!!

Every time I’m tempted to eat a cheeseburger I hear two voices. One says “Eat the cheeseburger.” The other one says “You heard him, eat the cheeseburger!” It is virtually impossible for me to resist a really good cheeseburger. Who am I kidding, it doesn’t even really have to be that good. Within a five … More I’m So Weak!!!

A Star Is Born!!

A man decided he wanted to be a priest. In order to do that, he had to see the monsignor, who sings everything he speaks. The monsignor sings, “Have you sewn your wild oats”? “Yes”, replied the man. “What is your current prefession”?, sang the monsignor. “I’m a Hollywood Talent Scout”. The monsignor then sings, … More A Star Is Born!!