To Be Honest…

I love it when someone is being interrogated by the police and 3/4 of the way into the interview the officer asks a question and the person says, “honestly?” That just doesn’t look good. It means that everything you’ve said up until then may have been a lie. Not smart. Instead, maybe you could say, … More To Be Honest…

Stop Ribbing Me!!!

Whenever someone says, “we had ribs last night and they were awesome. The meat fell right off the bone.” Guess what? The meat is supposed to fall off the bone. I have never yet heard someone say, “We had ribs last night and they were awesome. Except I couldn’t get any meat off the bone. … More Stop Ribbing Me!!!

It’s Mayan Day!!!

I’m at my best when the sun rises at 6:35 and sets at 8:28. Wait a minute, that’s today! This is awesome! It only happens once a year. I’m not sure why that is my best day but there must be something involved with gravity or the pull of the moon, Something like that. No, … More It’s Mayan Day!!!

Doing The Rumba!!!!

I’ll bet by now you were thinking this blog was going to be about the dance. It’s not. As I’ve said before, I can’t dance. So how in the heck would I know what the rumba is? I’m talking about the portable vacuum cleaner that runs on its own. Yeah it’s kind a like a … More Doing The Rumba!!!!