I Got The Job!!!!

I have so many seizures that I got a job at Home Depot mixing paint. Anyone with a chronic condition must be able to laugh about it once in a while or it will get to you. My condition causes short term memory loss. Every time we pick out a movie to watch, I pick … More I Got The Job!!!!

She’s Stuck!!!

When my daughter was little her grandparents came over to our new house. They asked her how she liked it. She said, “I love it! I have my own room, Eric has his own room, but Mommy is still stuck with Daddy”.    The truth is that to this very day, I sleep in my … More She’s Stuck!!!

Crazy Seizures!!!

My hands shake so much,I got a job at Home Depot, mixing paint. I replaced the machine!    Seizures are very strange. Last month, I went three weeks without one. Since September 1st, I’ve had 12. I know! It’s crazy. I know they’re brought on by stress, and writing is something that calms me down, … More Crazy Seizures!!!