It’s Not Broken!!!

When we first married, I was a pretty stubborn knucklehead. One day I came home and found a note on the fridge. It read “This isn’t working. I’m going to my Mom’s for a while.” I opened the fridge and thought, “The light came on and the beer is still cold. What the heck is … More It’s Not Broken!!!

You Bought What????

My wife loves to shop and she’s very frugal. Normally she only buys items that are “marked down”. Yesterday she bought an elevator.  So many people will buy just about anything that is on sale. Seriously. That’s why there are organizations like “Shoppers Anonymous”. It might be overspenders, but you get there idea. It just … More You Bought What????

Goodbye, Friends!

I wonder what Facebook employees do to waste their time at work? It’s time to seriously clean out my facebook friends. There are so many that I either don’t know or which I have no common friends. As a result, I don’t see posts from my true friends. Time to wipe ’em out! I don’t … More Goodbye, Friends!

I’m A Chicken!!

My grandmother asked me to help her with a jigsaw puzzle. I asked her what it was supposed to look like, and she said “A rooster.” I told her, “Grams, no matter what we do, we’re not going to be able to get these pieces to look like a rooster. Let’s put all the Corn Flakes back in the box and you take a nap.” … More I’m A Chicken!!


I think it might be cool to be a hoarder if you kept everything in your front yard. That way, you could have a yard sale every weekend. Offsetting penalties, repeat the down. … More Hoarders