Comic Relief!!!

I think everyone should read a funny blog, watch a funny movie or tv show daily and go to a comedy club at least once a month. There are far too many crazy and depressing things going on here and around the world. We need to take a break sometimes. Here’s a funny story… In … More Comic Relief!!!

What Did You Say?????

I’m happy to see so many people exercising their first amendment rights on social media. Oh, as long as I agree with them. Thankfully, the hateful arguing has slowed way down. I came very close to bowing out of all of it. Too stressful for someone who tries to avoid stress because it triggers seizures. … More What Did You Say?????

Don’t Honor Your Parents. You Must Hate Them!!

Hey, did you hear the one about the child of a gay couple being a Mormon? I haven’t either, because those kids (even if they’re straight) are not allowed to be baptized until they’re 18 and denounced their parents behavior.  Read it for yourself: I normally don’t write about religion but I just can’t … More Don’t Honor Your Parents. You Must Hate Them!!