What A Hack!!!

I’m a terrible golfer. The last time I went, a shot landed in the deep rough, in the trees. I used my seven iron to attempt to get out. Then I saw a skeleton with a seven iron by his side. I know! I was startled and immediately got my nine iron. Clearly I wouldn’t … More What A Hack!!!

Ouch! That Hurt!!!

Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women. This is because women are smart enough to avoid golf during a storm. I’ve never been hit by lightning, which I don’t think is anything to brag about really. I either stay inside or sit out on the covered porch to watch … More Ouch! That Hurt!!!

I Want a Divorce!!

An expectant mother and her husband were at a birthing class. The instructor told the couples how important exercise is for pregnant women. She also said that the men could benefit by walking with her. A man asked the instructor, “Is it OK if she carries my golf clubs while we walk?” We all know … More I Want a Divorce!!