It’s hump day

The best day of the week for me is Wednesday because I can always count on the camel to remind me that it’s hump day. Even if you’re in a bad mood because you still have to work two more days in the week, it’s awfully hard to remain in a bad mood when there’s … More It’s hump day

Where Did It Go????

I love geckos because they’re always green. I’ve compared the geckos in Hawaii to the little Geico dude. All green. But chameleons? You can’t trust ’em. They’re always changing their colors. Oh, and I also don’t like the prism automobile. I like the ‘what you see is what you get’ type of person. People who … More Where Did It Go????

G7 Summit – A Game?

I knew the meeting of world leaders had problems when a member said, “Welcome to G7” and German Chancellor Angela Merkel jumped up and yelled “Bingo”!! I always wonder what goes on in summits such as this. Who’s coming with what agenda. You know they all have things they want to accomplish, that makes perfect … More G7 Summit – A Game?

Big Red

A cop lit up a speeding car. The guy hit the gas to out run the cop. Sirens blaring, the cop quickly caught up with the guy. The trooper said, “Sir, why were you trying to out-run me?” The guy said, “Officer, please understand, I meant you no disrespect, but my wife ran off with a Highway Patrolman last month and I thought you were bringing her back.” … More Big Red


Is it weird to be watching Spider-Man on the Web? I’ve always wanted the ability to shoot webs all over the city and bounce gracefully from wall to wall. Kind of like “The Matrix”. Which makes me wonder if Spidy is the real deal, or is he sitting in a chair with one of those … More Spider-Man!