I Love Improv!!!!

I’m a huge fan of sketch comedy and improv. The only thing I don’t like, is when a bunch of people get on stage and make stuff up. They play these games that are really funny. That are hilarious! Like the TV show, ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’ I absolutely loved that show as did … More I Love Improv!!!!

I Can’t Dance!!!!

Heather and I were watching one of those dance shows last night. They introduced a new dance called the DC special. All you have to do is take three steps forward, two steps backward, then side-step, side-step, and turn around. I guess I’ll never be able to be a politician because I just can’t dance. … More I Can’t Dance!!!!

What A Loser!!!!

I am at my very best when I have no competition I know that people say winning and losing any kind of a situation builds character, but I think it’s better if you win every single time. Who wants to lose? I’ll tell you who, losers like to lose every once in a while. I … More What A Loser!!!!

Stop Littering!!!

We found nothing on Mars except some dirt with some bones in it and about 1 billion candy bar wrappers. This implicates the Mars rover. I knew there was someone in that thing, someone apparently with a giant sweet tooth. I wonder what the fine would be littering on Mars? Let’s see, I know that … More Stop Littering!!!