I’m So Broke!!!

I’m not sure why people still say, “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that…”, alluding to the fact that they’d be rich. Seriously, how many times would someone have to hear the same exact thing to get rich on nickels? I calculate that someone would need to hear the same thing … More I’m So Broke!!!

Don’t Judge Me!!!!

I try really hard to practice tolerance. To keep an open mind and not judge anyone. Except for Patriot and Dodger fans. Ya’ll are just sick in the head and I’m obligated to despise you. I think it’s not possible to eliminate judging others, no matter how hard we might try. As I see it, … More Don’t Judge Me!!!!

No Substitutions!!!

I was talking to Heather about the tariffs on Chinese products last night. When I was finished, her only response was, “Does this mean we’ll have to pay more for Chinese food?” She’s just a tad sarcastic. Ordering Chinese food for delivery is tricky business. One small mistake and you will have spent 40 bucks … More No Substitutions!!!