New TV Show!!!

Yesterday I pitched a new TV show to the folks at NBC. They were very intrigued because they kept looking at each other. My idea is to have six 20 somethings who live in two apartments right across from each other. Each would be quirky in their own lovable way. They went for it because … More New TV Show!!!

I Have What????

What do you give to the man who has everything? Simple. Penicillin. Its kind of like the joke where a man goes to the doctor, not feeling well. After tests the doctor told the man that he had so many illnesses that he needed to be quarantined and fed a steady diet of pizza. “You … More I Have What????

Ten Reindeer???

Most people think there are only nine Reindeer, but there are actually 10. You don’t hear much about her because she’s kind of mean. She’s mentioned in the song. “Olive, the other Reindeer, used to laugh and call him names….” I know. Silly joke but this time of year is perfect for being silly. I … More Ten Reindeer???

You’re Weird!!

Some people think its weird going to the movies by yourself. They stare and sometimes even yell rude things. I think maybe I’ll start wearing pants. Try stand up comedy! Get the book everyone is talking about! Seriously, people do find it strange to see someone at a movie, alone. They feel sorry for the … More You’re Weird!!

I Broke The Record!!

Today, I have broken my all time record for consecutive days alive! Well, today I’m 64 years old. Wait a minute, 64????? The big six four?? How did this happen? Who is responsible? Someone must be punished! Um, wait a minute. That would undoubtedly be God. The Almighty. I was just kidding about the punishment … More I Broke The Record!!

Great Friends!!

1989: Me: Hey, are you coming to my wedding? Keith Stubbs: Nah, I’ll catch the next one.    Good friends are so difficult to find. Everyone knows that, but there are some people who become life long friends, and we may not even know why.    There are certain aspects of a friendship which tells … More Great Friends!!

She Said What???

Two women who had just met at a gy were talking about how they hope to stay healthy. One woman asked the other to detail her daily routine. She said, “I eat very healthy, I exercise moderately and I drink moderately.” The other woman asked, “Is there anything else you do?” “Yes,” she said, “I … More She Said What???