You’re Terminated And You Won’t Be Bach!!!

Almost everyone I know absolutely loves the terminator movies. However, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger was completely out of his mind. In fact, even the director and writer we’re clearly advocateing reincarnation. He was saying that he would come back as Johann Sebastian Bach. No matter how I try to look at it, I just can’t … More You’re Terminated And You Won’t Be Bach!!!

Oh No!!!!!

What a great lazy weekend. So lazy that I didn’t even turn off the barbecue. Everything beyond my back door is completely torched, but I’m relaxed and that’s all that matters.  Once in a while we all just need to relax and do almost nothing for a weekend. Sleep in, have some breakfast, take a … More Oh No!!!!!

Produce, or Else!

As a young comedian, I held a lot of day jobs. They never lasted because I would skip work to go to auditions. Once, I worked in a warehouse, where I drove a forklift off the loading dock. The boss said he’d have to withhold 10% of my pay for the repairs. I asked how much it would cost, and he said about $4,500. I thought, sweet! I’ve finally have job security! … More Produce, or Else!