You Named Me What???

I hate my middle name. Despise it, absolutely repulsed by it. Why? Because my parents gave me the middle name of Eldon. You read correctly, Eldon! Seriously? With all of the name choices available, that’s the best they could come up with? I would have preferred something better, like Bernard. Naming the kid should never … More You Named Me What???

Rotten Eggs!!!

By now it should be pretty easy to find the eggs that no one found on Easter. They should stink worse than limburger cheese at this point.  I’ve never tried Limburger cheese and the reason is simple. Once I hear that something is really horrible, I take a person’s word on it. No need to … More Rotten Eggs!!!

How Dare You!!!

My Granddaughter Katie was getting her hair styled for Easter. The stylist said, “So who’s coming to your house with big ears and big floppy feet?” Katie said, “It must be my Grandpa Jerry.” I think I mentioned before that I really never liked Easter when I was a kid. The smell of vinegar while … More How Dare You!!!