I Got The Job!!!!

I have so many seizures that I got a job at Home Depot mixing paint. Anyone with a chronic condition must be able to laugh about it once in a while or it will get to you. My condition causes short term memory loss. Every time we pick out a movie to watch, I pick … More I Got The Job!!!!

Rotten Eggs!!!

By now it should be pretty easy to find the eggs that no one found on Easter. They should stink worse than limburger cheese at this point.  I’ve never tried Limburger cheese and the reason is simple. Once I hear that something is really horrible, I take a person’s word on it. No need to … More Rotten Eggs!!!

I Hate Vinegar!!

I never buy espresso at a coffee shop. It reminds me of my divorces. Very expensive and bitter. I think one of the worst chores is cleaning the coffee maker. First of all, I have to do it outside because that lingering smell of vinegar stays around the house for days. My wife hates the … More I Hate Vinegar!!