Only 24 Hours!!!

Football, schmootball. I think I would much rather binge watch 24 then waste my time watching my favorite teams get crushed. At least in 24 I know who’s going to win. No surprises except for those things I have forgotten. And there are certain things (almost the entire show) that I didn’t remember about the … More Only 24 Hours!!!

To Be Honest…

I love it when someone is being interrogated by the police and 3/4 of the way into the interview the officer asks a question and the person says, “honestly?” That just doesn’t look good. It means that everything you’ve said up until then may have been a lie. Not smart. Instead, maybe you could say, … More To Be Honest…

Stop Ribbing Me!!!

Whenever someone says, “we had ribs last night and they were awesome. The meat fell right off the bone.” Guess what? The meat is supposed to fall off the bone. I have never yet heard someone say, “We had ribs last night and they were awesome. Except I couldn’t get any meat off the bone. … More Stop Ribbing Me!!!

What A Loser!!!!

I am at my very best when I have no competition I know that people say winning and losing any kind of a situation builds character, but I think it’s better if you win every single time. Who wants to lose? I’ll tell you who, losers like to lose every once in a while. I … More What A Loser!!!!