WHAT Time Is It???

I have noticed there are no clocks in medical waiting rooms because the organizations prefer you didn’t take notice of how long you had to wait to be seen. Um, medical world, we all have cell phones with a clock! Thank you. I needed to vent. I’m fortunate enough to have only waited for long … More WHAT Time Is It???

Seriously??? Again???

I went to have some blood drawn, and the phlebotomist started asking me a bunch of questions which I had already answered several times. “Has your address changed?” “No,”. “Your phone number?” “No.” “What about your birthday?” “What???” Honestly, why do we still have to answer so many questions when we see a medical professional? … More Seriously??? Again???

I Can’t Wait!!

A company offered tours led by guides dressed in colonial period clothing. One of the guides fell and broke his arm. He was sitting in the emergency room when a doctor walked by and said, “Man, how long have you been waiting? I hate waiting in lines. Actually, I hate waiting for most things. Besides … More I Can’t Wait!!