Who Took My Latte???

No one should be surprised by paying four dollars for a drink at a place called ‘$tarBUCKS’. Subliminal? I think so. Either that or they’re putting crack in the ‘pumpkin spice latte’. I love them. I crave them. I would pay most anything for them. At some point I think we lose all common sense … More Who Took My Latte???

This Is Impossible!!!

I finally got the chance to use my blow torch this morning. I opened a bag of Seattle’s Best coffee with it. I think they weld those things shut. There are certain products that are more difficult to open than a rusted submarine hatch. I actually think that package engineers do it on purpose under … More This Is Impossible!!!

Am I Crazy??? Yes???

“If I played football I could never be the center because I’m ticklish.”.   ~Comedian Keith Stubbs  Congratulations to our nephew Brax Hammond for helping his team make it to the Mini Bowl again! (They’re version of the SuperBowl) Sorry for the Seizure. I’m sure that was not part of the game plan.  I was … More Am I Crazy??? Yes???