You Named Me What???

I hate my middle name. Despise it, absolutely repulsed by it. Why? Because my parents gave me the middle name of Eldon. You read correctly, Eldon! Seriously? With all of the name choices available, that’s the best they could come up with? I would have preferred something better, like Bernard. Naming the kid should never … More You Named Me What???

Get A Clue!!!

We played the Christmas version of ‘Clue’ this year. My Mother-in-law killed the Christmas dinner, in the kitchen, with the oven. Just kidding. She didn’t even touch the holiday dinner. We’ve learned that the hard way. One year, she took the turkey out of the oven and I swear it cried out for help. This … More Get A Clue!!!

Um, What Day Is This???

I just read an email from a retailer that called today ‘Thanksgiving Tuesday’. Really? What’s next? “Don’t miss these exciting eight months, two weeks and 12 hour Thanksgiving deals!” I swear it will happen. When will the blatent non-stop greedy exploitation of holidays end? Even Veterans Day, Labor and Memorial Days trigger ‘Extended Holiday Sale!’ … More Um, What Day Is This???